Life Insurance Promo EXTENDED Into 2022!

As a VALUED LONG TIME MEMBER of CCU Life, we are offering you a special to obtain additional life insurance.

Starting June 1st, you can purchase a $5,000 5 Pay Whole Life Insurance Policy with a discount. Members will receive a 75% discount on the first-year premium.

We ask you, our member, to reach out to family and friends about this opportunity to take advantage of our promo. Our NON-MEMBERS would catch a break in the first year by receiving a 50% discount on the first-year premium.

Rates are for a $5,000 face amount of coverage. Higher face amounts are available upon request. Rates are enclosed with this letter.

Highlights of this 5 Pay Whole Life Plan are as follows:

  • Permanent Life Insurance – Cash value builds up immediately
  • Fully Paid Up After 5 Years
  • Participating Plan – Dividends after 2 years in force
  • Grants available for High School, College and Graduate Students
  • Life Time of Security

If you choose to proceed with this offer, for your convenience an application is enclosed. Once you complete the application, please forward along with remittance to the Home Office.

For more information and/or clarification please contact the Home Office during normal business hours at (216) 341-0444 or by email


“Offer runs through December 31, 2021.”

“Now EXTENDED until March 31, 2022.”