Privacy Commitment to Our Members

Provisions of the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act of 1999, also called the Financial Services Modernization Act, require every financial institution to annually notify all customers, in writing , of that organization’s privacy policy. The purpose of the privacy provision of this act is to curtail the ability of third parties to obtain nonpublic personal information regarding individuals who purchase financial products and services from financial institutions.

You have elected to join the Czech Catholic Union / CCU Life Fraternal Insurance and have provided them with certain nonpublic personal information such as name, age, residence, marital status, and Social Security Number.

As a fraternal benefit society, we are dedicated to the protection of our members’ privacy. The Czech Catholic Union/ CCU Life has no affiliated financial institutions or third party non-affiliates that have access to your nonpublic personal information, except pursuant to your written authorization .

Czech Catholic Union/ CCU Life does not sell lists of member names or addresses to any vendor of goods or services. Should we need  to  retain  any other organization  to assist  us with  our operations, that organization will be required to comply with the same privacy standards as the Czech Catholic Union/ CCU Life.

This privacy policy extends to nonpublic personal information of former members who no longer have insurance coverage with the Czech Catholic Union/ CCU Life.

Access to members records is limited to employees who work on your member files. However, if required by civil or criminal litigation or audit to disclose information on your records, we must comply.