• How do I change my mailing address for the Posel?
    • Complete the Change of Address form on-line or print the Change of Address form and mail to the home office.


  • How do I change my Beneficiary?
    • Complete the Request for Change of Beneficiary form and mail to the Home Office. Be sure to sign your request, have your signature witnessed by two persons and include the original certificate with your request.


  • What do I do if a Policy is lost?
    • Contact the Home Office by phone at (216) 341-0444, by e-mail at mailto:insurance@czechccu.org or by postal service to request a Declaration of Lost Certificate.


  • How do I become a member of the Czech Catholic Union?
    • Membership is available to any Christian person from birth to age 90 that wishes to purchase life insurance. Additionally, Membership may be available in a local society for the purpose of attending and participating in current activities.